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Unlocking bank data.

We’re on a mission to enable any business across the globe to effortlessly make use of bank data to; grow business, revolutionise offerings, and transform customer experience.


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Our Mission.

Enabling the future of finance and identity.

10+ years ago, our CEO, James Varga, who had worked in other big FinTech’s (including household names in the UK) felt that there was change in the air. There had been talk of bank data in the UK even before that time, and he knew that if he was able to get in early, that it would take off as there was just so much untapped benefit for consumers. Of course, we weren’t to know at that point that it wouldn’t be until January of 2018 before bank data, what we now call Open Banking, finally became a reality in the UK! We were way ahead of our time, and in many respects, are still leading the curve. We now offer solutions in over thirty countries, with our products based around bank data. 

Your bank holds all kind of information about you. It knows you better than anyone else. Using that bank data can be a secure and knowledgeable way to operate online. The goal of DirectID is to break down barriers in finance, remove friction and offer speed and convenience for consumers. Whether this is by offering customised services in seconds, verifying your identity online, or seeing multiple bank accounts with one login, there is so much across banking and finance that innovation can improve. 

We now help dozens of businesses like lenders onboard their customers by removing friction caused in the application process by current challenges of risk, compliance, fraud and regulation.


Our Solutions.

The complete bank data suite.

DirectID offers end-to-end bank data solutions allowing your business to request, access, and start using customer bank data. We deal with the data collection and analysis, delivering the insights and value straight to you. 

Financial Insights

Income Verification

Data APIs

Consumer Onboarding

A visual dashboard that quickly allows any business to start viewing, understanding, and using bank data.

Discover the next generation of income verification solutions using real-time bank data for any applicant.

Access data from thousands of banks, in dozens of countries, with a single API integration.

Increase conversion rates and transform your application process with our zero-integration Connect solution.

Our Values.

Driving leadership and compassion.

We are a close team of passionate and driven individuals. We have big aspirations and we hope that you do too! Teamwork is a priority. Whether working with other engineers, with stakeholders or with our customers – you’ll be constantly communicating and working collaboratively.

Your opinions matter, but so do the opinions of others. We encourage everyone, no matter their position, to be forthright with ideas and criticisms and to champion their beliefs into realities. This also means that we all have to be great listeners, able to take criticism constructively and help others in realising their objectives.

Open Banking Excellence.

Creating together.

We aim to be the thought leaders in open banking, and to ensure we meet the best and brightest from all around, we co-founded the Open Banking Excellence meet-up. 

Founded in 2017 in Edinburgh, Open Banking Excellence is now an established and trusted community of people looking to raise awareness about how making bank data accessible for third parties benefits customers.

The mission is to be the authentic voice representing a global movement of like-minded experts who through collaboration provide technical, regulatory and legal insight into Open Banking and its wider implications for a dynamic and innovative financial sector.