Categorisation and Classification Engine.

Raw transaction data categorised and classified in seconds.

Up to 90% accuracy and coverage, let our engine do the hard work.

DirectID’s Categories & Classifications engine allows for direct access to an individual’s current account. We use state of the art cloud-based Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms to obtain deeper insights from transaction data than ever before. This enables next generation financial services providers and existing lenders to calculate affordability and detect fraud risks.

Categories = “The what”

What incomes? What expenses?

The engine categorises the individual’s transactions. Businesses will have the ability to identify true spending habits and what type of income that individual has. Businesses benefit from UK training sets for both personal and business transaction types. For specific use-cases, DirectID can also customise training sets for individual businesses.

Classifications = “The how”

What incomes? What expenses?

The engine classifies the individual’s transactions, identifying how the individual received or spent their funds i.e. point-of-sale. DirectID has the power and intelligence to de-clutter both personal and business accounts through 100+ categories and 10+ classes. Messy and unclear transactions can be translated with clarity.

Our engine helps you make sense of data.

Make sense of data with our automated machine learning transaction engine.


Data on classes.

Data on all transactions classed into 10+ payment mechanisms based on how it was received or spent.

Use via Insights.

Easily use category and classification data in a visual dashboard to make decisions about consumers. Read more

Data on categories.

Data on all transactions sorted into 70+ specific categories allowing for in-depth data investigation.

Use via Data.

Consume our DirectID Data API to use category and classification data in instant decisioning engines, PFMs and more. Read more

Category buckets.

Data on all transactions classed into 10+ category buckets, for easy view of cash-flow habits.

Seconds not hours.

Don’t spend hours of your own time manually categorising transactions, our engine can process this data in seconds.

Continuously improving.

We use machine learning to continuously qualify data sets and improve the accuracy of our engine.

Want more information on DirectID Categories & Classifications?

See how you can make the most out of DirectID Categories and Classifications through our incredible APIs and big data analytics.

DirectID Insights.

Our insights. Your Decisions. We enable businesses to start using bank data to improve assessments now. With our zero-integration solutions you can be using real-time bank data in less than a week, taking assessment times from days to minutes.

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DirectID Data.

A single API to access all of your customers provided financial data. With just one integration you can access 10 banks or 1000 banks, & securely access direct read-only consumer financial data, for a one-time snapshot or ongoing data access.

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