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Better understand how customers spend their money

DirectID's Classification Engine works by classifying your customers bank data helping you to better understand how your customers spend their money.

The Classification Engine from DirectID informs our users what method their customers are using to pay for their everyday spending, from cash, to direct debits to standing orders, point of sale and more.

How it Works

1. Customers connect their account through the widget.

2. DirectID’s proprietary Classification Engine classifies all transactions, so you can obtain insights on how your customers spend their money. Whether it be point of sale, direct debit, standing order or other, we can provide the understanding.

3. The information is displayed on the DirectID Dashboard so can be put in context beside other customer information.

Key Benefits & Features

DirectID’s Classification Engine classifies the different types of payments made by your customers so you can better understand how they like to spend their money.

The ability to classify customer spending at different retailers.

View your customer's bank data in real-time.

Identify your customer's spending habits.

Detailed Customer Insights

Pairing our Classification Engine alongside our tools for income and credit risk we are able to give you a detailed understanding of your customers like never before.

Spot Customer Trends

Our Classification Engine classifies customer spend, providing you with intricate knowledge of a customer's spending decisions, habits and favoured retailers.

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James Varga, CEO, DirectID

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Explore our Powerful Use Cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

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