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Your Customer's Bank Data visualised in One Single Dashboard

Our advanced visual dashboard allows you to view and understand your customers financial behaviours. It gives you the ability to take an interactive approach, offering everything you need to request, view, export, and filter bank statements.

How it Works

1. Log in to your Dashboard and gain access to your customer reporting tools.

2. Explore your Dashboard and get yourself familiar with the layout.

Consume all your customers bank data through one Dashboard at the touch of a button, allowing you to make better data driven decisions.

Key Benefits & Features

The DirectID Dashboard allows you to consume and activate customer information without the need for an API. Our Dashboard platform also gives you the ability to view customer information such as account details and up to 12 months of transaction history. Empowering you and your decision making process.

DirectID Dashboard is a zero-integration solution.

From the Dashboard, you can view all of your customer’s information.

Customers can be promoted to connect through the Data API.

Data Driven Decisions

DirectID Dashboard is a portal used to access all your customers information without having to integrate with an API. Making the process of getting you set up both quick, and painless. DirectID dashboard allows you to visualise and understand your customer’s data.

Understand your Customer Data

DirectID’s dashboard makes sense of your customers bank data and allows you to make decisions based on that data – whether it be Credit risk, SME lending or Debt Recovery. From the Dashboard, emails can be sent to customers, prompting them to connect through the Connect API.

"The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect "

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James Varga, CEO, DirectID

Powerful Use Cases

Explore our Powerful Use Cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

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