Zero-integration End-to-end Bank Data Solution.

Request customer bank data via our connect widget, automatically have their transaction data categorised, and instantly view insights into their finances with the DirectID Bank Data Suite. Sign up and be live within hours.

Business changing solutions without the big I.T. project.

Get our zero-integration solution and start requesting and using real-time consumer bank data in a matter of hours.

Business changing solutions without the big I.T. project.

Get our zero-integration solution and start requesting and using real-time consumer bank data in a matter of hours.

Everything you need to start accessing, understanding, and using bank data to change your business.

Your business doesn’t want big data integration projects, or another team of full time analysts hired, just to start using data – let alone finding the value in it.

That’s why DirectID is all about unleashing the value of bank data for businesses. The use cases for bank data are endless, to name a few; identity, affordability, credit risk, collections, onboarding, fraud, efficiency and innovation. 

With all of these use cases available, one thing is clear, the barrier to entry for a business to start using bank data is far to high!

So we’ve built a set of bank data tools that allow any business to start accessing, understanding and using this data to transform their existing processes and unleash their performance potential.

DirectID makes getting started with Bank Data easy.

First you choose how to collect the data.

Collect customer consent and bank data with our hosted pages

A new software means integrating a new platform into your process – that’s a big job, right?

Not with our DirectID Connect – Hosted solution. We create for you a brand new web page with our widget pre-installed. The page is mobile optimised, and styled to your branding.

All you need to do is send the link to customers and they can start securely granting you access to their bank data.


OR Embed our widget into an existing workflow

Already have an onboarding workflow? Then why not integrate the DirectID into the process?

The DirectID Connect – Widget can be inserted into any website or mobile application and compliment your existing application or onboarding processes.

This means customers get a seamless experience and you still get the complete value of our bank data solutions.


Then you choose how to consume the data.

Access categorised transaction data via our single API

Once we have collected the customers data it goes through our transaction Categorisation Engine.

This then delivers categorised and classified data to a single DirectID Data API that you can start to use.

Whether you want to drive an instant decisioning engine, an automated exceptions processes, or a new innovative app, our API makes it simple.


OR View instant financial insights via our dashboard

Don’t want to deal with Data APIs? Not a problem.

Our DirectID Insights dashboard translates this data and delivers 10+ incredible financial behaviour reports. 

Our includes everything you need to assess a customer at a glance. But if you want to delve a little deeper we have reports covering everything from income vs. outgoing assessments, through to gambling insights.


Use DirectID for data collection, financial analysis and more…

Our end to end bank data platform enables any business to quickly connect directly to customer data, and either consume that data via an API, or unlock its potential with incredible financial insight dashboards. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also:

Send Data Request To Customers.

Use our agent dashboard to send email requests to your customers, allowing quick and easy management of requesting data.

Brand Your Own Landing Page.

We have pre-set and customisable templates for our DirectID Connect- Hosted solution to ensure your customers feel confident.

Request Ongoing Data Access.

Are you looking to track customer behaviours on an ongoing basis? Or deliver a real time app? We can deliver ongoing data access.

Gather Customer Consent.

We cover the entire data consent process for your, allowing you to feel assured you are staying complaint with customer data.

Monitor Conversion Rates.

We know we can help increase conversion, so much so we have dedicated reports to show you and help you increase these rates.

Manage Applications.

You won’t get lost in an abundance of data. Our solutions provide you customer selection tools that let you keep track of applications.

DirectID’s Bank Data Suite includes our products Connect, Data, and Insights to provide you the best value for your investment.

The B App by CYBG, live and powered by the DirectID Bank Data Suite.

Less work. More Value. 

We built DirectID’s suite of tools to help businesses across the financial sector and beyond take advantage of the power of bank data.

To allow your business to do that we’ve built solutions like Connect, Data API, and Insights that do the hard work of data collection and processing, leaving your with the raw data value and consumer financial insights.

No need to worry about building consent tools, accessing each individual bank’s different APIs, understanding how it is stored and processing it for categorisation and classification. It’s all taken care of.

So talk to our team about how you could unleash your business potential with DirectID today.

Add on our other products to make your bank data even more powerful.

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See all of our bank data solutions live, and find out how they could unleash your business potential.

“It’s such a light touch integration. 


DirectID makes it fast and easy to


get up and running.”


Lee Birkett | CEO @ Just Us

“It’s such a light touch integration. DirectID makes it fast and easy to get up and running.”


Lee Birkett | CEO @ Just Us

Talk to us today and you could be using live bank data in less than a week.

When you signup for one of our services, we don’t just set you up and walk away. Our dedicated customer success team will work with you to make sure you get the most from our products.