Bank Account

Ensure that any bank account information provided to you is correct, with matching name, sort code and account number

Our Bank Account Verification service has been developed to counter fraud whereby account details provided belong to someone else. DirectID’s Bank Account Verification tool matches supplied information and records a positive or negative score, so you always know that the details provided are correct.  

How it works           

  1. DirectID’s account verification platform API calls the bank to ensure that the details are correct
  2. DirectID uses bank data to ensure that the details are correct
  3. We are able to provide a quick response, and as well as providing a positive or negative score, provide details of why a negative score may have been supplied

Operational Benefits

Key Features

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Partnering with DirectID

A leader in gig economy/food delivery services approached DirectID with a challenge shared by their competitors in the industry: How do we verify that the driver applying for employment is the same person receiving the salary payments?

By embedding the DirectID Bank Account Verification solution into their core onboarding platform, their drivers are guided through a 30-second consent process to prove ownership of their bank account. This removes any uncertainty around salary payments and allows the driver to get straight to work.

Associated Products:

- DirectID Bank Account Verification

A global transport services company required a standardised process for verifying the identity of drivers in multiple countries. They embedded DirectID Connect into their onboarding journey in several of the European countries they operate in. Now, using the Bank Account Verification solution, the company can instantly verify the identity of both existing drivers and any new drivers that the company onboards.

Associated Products used:

- DirectID Bank Account Verification

Bulk Verification Services.

Along side our live bank account verification services we also provide historic account verification through bulk transactions, helping you to verify your existing data sets.
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