Automated categorisation of RAW transactional data from thousands of banks.

Accurate & automated, transaction enrichment

The Categorisation Engine allows for the processing of data direct from an individual's current account, or the passing of custom data sets. We then use cloud-based Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms to obtain deeper insights from transaction data, providing you with accurate and automated transaction enrichment.

Categorisation Features & Accuracy

Use our product suite, or run your own data through our engine, to obtain the full benefits of our transaction categorisation and classification.

Transaction Categorisation

Our engine categorises the individual’s transactions providing the ability to identify spending habits and types of income for an individual. For specific use-cases, DirectID can also customise training sets for businesses.

Transaction Classification

The engine also classifies individuals transactions, identifying how the individual received or spent funds (i.e. point-of-sale, ATM, salary) providing a better understanding of consumer financial habits.

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Get all of the technical details and commercial applications of DirectID Categorisation Engine in our detailed 6 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Macro Categorisation & Insight Services

We provide macro insight services along side our individual categorisation. This allows for the categorisation of large data sets providing regional, country-wide, or global insights.
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Over 13,000
Bank Connections

We are a super-aggregator of bank data connections, from direct connections to global data networks, providing our customers with an ever expanding bank network.

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Lightning Fast
Data Retrieval

With direct connections to bank accounts across the globe, our products provide incredibly quick data retrieval giving you actionable data in seconds.

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Our automated categorisation gives you insights into bank transactions seconds, so you can focus on using the data to make decisions, not a big IT project.

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Never Compromise on Customer Insight

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