Obtain deeper insights from transaction data, providing you with accurate and automated transaction enrichment

DirectID’s Categorisation Engine gives you the opportunity to understand how your customer’s use their money. We use machine learning and big data to classify and categorise all transactions to give you a rich and comprehensive understanding of your customer’s financial habits.

How it works           

  1. Your customer’s bank statement data is run through our Categorisation Engine
  2. Using customer algorithms, machine learning and big data analytics, the data is categorised into buckets
  3. The information is displayed back to the end user within seconds, giving instant data insights

Operational Benefits

Key Features

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Get all of the technical details and commercial applications of DirectID Categorisation Engine in our detailed 6 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Macro Categorisation & Insight Services

We provide macro insight services along side our individual categorisation. This allows for the categorisation of large data sets providing regional, country-wide, or global insights.
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