& Recoveries

Enhancing the debt recovery process through combining rich transactional data with the widely recognised SFS categories.

User Selection tools and Customisation

As with our DirectID Insights product, the user selects the relevant customer details when the end user has connected their bank account via our widget​​. The customer can be found by searching for their User ID, Customer Reference or Account Number.

Collections & Recoveries Features and Accuracy


The Standard Financial Statement (SFS) is a landmark development for debt advice in the UK which delivers, for the first time, a universal income and expenditure statement, together with a single set of spending guidelines. We categorise our data alongside the categories featured in the SFS.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows the user to break down the bank transactions available for the selected account, filtered by:
SFS General, SFS Specific, Transaction Type and Description

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Collections & Recoveries Product Sheet

Get all of the technical details and commercial applications of DirectID Collections & Recoveries in our detailed 8 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Calculated Income

Collections & Recoveries is based around one key calculation – a Monthly Affordability figure. ​​To work this out, we first need to understand how much income a customer receives. By incorporating our Income Verification tool, we have our base value to work with.

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Over 13,000
Bank Connections

We are a super-aggregator of bank data connections, from direct connections to global data networks, providing our customers with an ever expanding bank network.

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Lightning Fast
Data Retrieval

With direct connections to bank accounts across the globe, our products provide incredibly quick data retrieval giving you actionable data in seconds.

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Our automated categorisation gives you insights into bank transactions seconds, so you can focus on using the data to make decisions, not a big IT project.

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