Identity Verification & Checks With Bank Data

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Problems & Challenges Currently Faced In Identity Checks

Verifiying Documents

Proving identity normally requires original documents to be provided.

KYC And AML Laws

The laws around KYC and AML are stringent – significant penalties are in place for those that do not follow them.

Misleading Representations

Inaccurate information or human error offers only a partial or misleading representation of an individual.

Delays And Refusal

Not being able to verify an identity can substantially delay account opening or possibility that it is never opened.

Disparate Systems

Required information is held within disparate systems, leading to a lag in onboarding time.


Fraud is commonplace, with legacy systems only picking up a small percentage of current fraudulent applications.

Solutions Using Bank Data & Expected Results For Identity Checks

Third Party Fraud Removal

Remove the threat provided by third party fraud whereby an individual applies for a loan in someone else’s name.

Data Matched To Documents

Bank verification allows bank data to be matched to documents .

Same Time Checks

Identity checks can be conducted at the same time as reviewing all transactions, providing a quicker process.

Operational Efficiency

Significant savings in time and resource can be made through bank data solutions.

Quick KYC And AML Checks

 KYC and AML checks can be resolved quickly and easily for applicants.

Expedited Customer Requests

The customer request can be expedited, resulting in happier more satisfied customers.

Real Time Identiy Verification

The identity check is done in real time at the point of application, potentially saving time and money if there is a conflict in the identity of the applicant.

Open Banking: The Comprehensive Guide

Open Banking is a secure technology, for a consumer or SME to safely share their information with an authorised third party. Open Banking also gives that authorised third party permission to execute a transaction.

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Bank statements don’t lie. With DirectID, the credit decision and ID is immediate and obvious.

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Our Products Solving Identity Checks

The current process of affordability assessments is long, inaccurate, and allows for a high chance of human error. With so much physical documentation, and manual assessment required, fraud also becomes a high risk factor to every application. And adding to this, poor affordability decisions can lead to weak long-term businesses!

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