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Andy Spence

User Photo yet to be added

Chris Cosgrove

Software Engineer
User Photo yet to be added

Foivos Chrysostomou

Data Analyst
Photo of Foivos Chrysostomou

Gillian Tweedie

Technical Support Manager
Photo of Gillian Tweedie

Helen Stewart

Product Owner
Photo of Helen Ferguson

Inez Melges

Customer Support Officer
User Photo yet to be added

Kier Convey

Data Analyst
User Photo yet to be added

Jamie McGregor

Chief Operations Officer
Photo of Jamie McGregor

James Varga

CEO & Founder
Photo of James Varga

Jawad Ahmed

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Jawad Ahmed

Jimmy McLellan

Digital Marketing Exec
Photo of Jimmy McLellan

Kenny Pattie

Content Marketing Exec
Photo of Kenny Pattie

Liam Thomson

Social Marketing Exec
Photo of Liam Thomson

Lynsey Davidson

Office Manager
Photo of Lynsey Davidson

Mark Barry

CS Account Manager
Photo of Mark Barry

Mark Wallace

UX Designer
Photo of Mark Wallace

Martin Nicholson

Busines Analyst
Photo of Martin NIcholson

Mary Thornbury

Finance Manager
Photo of Mary Thornbury

Milko Radotic

Chief Commercial Officer
Photo of Milko Radotic

Nelly Vasileiadou

Data Analyst
Photo of Nelly Vasileiadou

Olga Melnyk

Customer Success Lead
Photo of Olga Melnyk

Patryk Zajdler

Software Engineer
User Photo yet to be added

Paul Reid

Lead Software Engineer
Photo of Paul Reid

Richie Pindor

Account Director
User Photo yet to be added

Richie Stirling

Sales Administrator
User Photo yet to be added

Sylvain Morisot

Software Engineer
Photo of Sylvain Morisot

Vinod Mishra

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Vinod Mishra

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