Unlock Your Lending Potential Through Better Affordability Decisions

Learn how your business could start using DirectID to make better affordability decisions ensuring you meet regulatory compliance, build a stronger business with better loans, and reduce the number of debts written off or passed to collections.


Save up to eighty percent of time spent analysing applications


Customer transactions auto-categorised up to ninety percent accuracy


Application fraud instantly reduced by up to seventy percent

Join our amazing customers already using DirectID for better affordability decisions.   

The problem with today’s affordability assessments.


The current process of affordability assessments is long, inaccurate, and allows for a high chance of human error. With so much physical documentation, and manual assessment required, fraud also becomes a high risk factor to every application. And adding to this, poor affordability decisions can lead to weak long-term businesses!

The solution is real-time bank data with DirectID.


With real-time bank data case officers can receive applications where the data has been automatically reviewed and in-depth insights provided to a high accuracy. These insights can be delivered as raw data or a visual dashboard allowing assessors to easily identify spending habits, cash-flow behaviours and quickly be alerted to risk and as it is direct data from a bank application fraud is dramatically reduced.

“Allows us to close loans in as little as 48 hours so we can spend more time on the personal relationship side with clients.”

Faisel Rahmen, CEO

Key Features of DirectID for Affordability Decisions.


Real-time data

Don’t work with last month’s data. Get real time data, direct from the bank.

Account Access

Connect to current/ checking, credit, savings, mortgage accounts. 

12-months Data

Access 90 to 365 days of bank transactions to make more informed decisions. 

Insights & Analytics

Insights and intelligence to help with decisions.


Non-reported Items

Information on sub-prime loans and non-sufficient or late fee charges.

Ongoing Access

Ongoing access or monthly refreshes to detect changes to a customer’s finances.

Income vs Outgoing

Easily understand expendable income for potential loan repayments.


Income Verification

Verify total income and confidence of income moving forward.

Live In Days

No IT project, we can have you live in less than a week with DirectID.

Start making better affordability decisions today with our incredible APIs and big data analytics solutions.

How could you use DirectID to make better affordability decisions?

  1.  Add our widget into your application process, OR use our zero-integration hosted page
  2. Start receiving applications through DirectID
  3. Review real-time data insights direct from a consumers bank account via our Data API or visual Insights dashboard, and start making decisions

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