Credit Risk, Redefined.

Our industry leading platform offers customisable data engines designed to drive business growth using your users bank data.

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Go Beyond Data

DirectID uses bank data provided through Open Banking to address today’s business challenges across the Credit Risk Lifecycle from Onboarding through to Collections & Recoveries. It's Credit Risk, Redefined.

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Credit Risk Lifecycle
Data Driven Insights

Data Driven Insights Delivered in Real-Time

DirectID offers the most comprehensive, truest understanding of your customer’s financial health. With bespoke reporting and 10+ reports available across our dashboard, DirectID Insights gives you all the information required to make real-time financial decisions on your customers.

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Credit Risk Use Cases

Connect to your customer's data with zero integration and instant insights. A global, trusted partner to the world’s leading banks, DirectID utilises bank data to enhance the Credit Risk Lifecycle. Explore our Solutions and Use Cases.

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Powerful Use Cases

Explore our Powerful Use Cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

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So, Why DirectID?

We're Open Banking Experts

We’ve been integrating with Open Banking in the UK since day one, with an extensive coverage including the UK CMA9 and top challenger banks. Our products have also been serving North America customers for over 8 years and we offer extensive coverage into other countries around the world.


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