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DirectID uses bank data provided through Open Banking to address today’s business challenges. These challenges include Verifying Income, Affordability, Reducing Fraud and costs across the Credit Risk lifecycle from Onboarding through to Collections & Recoveries.

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Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with institutions that have gone on to disrupt the entire direction of their industries. Partnering with DirectID gives you more than just data; it provides you with the Insights, Expertise, and continual support to pioneer a market-defying product.

Personal Loan Services

Use Open Banking data to provide a frictionless application and fast funding process. During the application phase, applicants are prompted to securely share their transaction data through the DirectID consent widget. A detailed view of the individual’s financial profile is then visible to underwriters in as little as 30 seconds, providing verification of account ownership, income and expenditure, and a magnitude of other affordability indicators.

Using Open Banking data to gather this information eliminated fraudulent applications, removed the guesswork associated with manual underwriting, and reduced the application to acceptance turnaround time, all without impacting the individuals credit score.  

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DirectID Connect
DirectID Data API
DirectID Insights

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Food Delivery Services

A leader in gig economy/food delivery services approached DirectID with a challenge shared by their competitors in the industry: How do we verify that the driver applying for employment is the same person receiving the salary payments?

By embedding the DirectID Bank Account Verification solution into their core onboarding platform, their drivers are guided through a 30-second consent process to prove ownership of their bank account. This removes any uncertainty around salary payments and allows the driver to get straight to work.

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DirectID Bank Account Verification

Mobility & Accident Services

A leading mobility and accident services provider operates with one goal: to get their customers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

When a customer struggles to prove that they do not have the funds to pay for a replacement vehicle, they are prompted to connect their account through DirectID. By accessing DirectID Insights, the company can then view the relevant information that portrays a customer's affordability, utilising the advanced visual dashboard to display E.O.D balance, income vs. outgoings, and the stability of their salary payments.

Associated Products:

DirectID Insights
DirectID Income Verification

Mortgages & Loan Services

A consumer lending disrupter were seeking a solution to one of their upmost pain points: the requirement for customers to send in paper statements before they can commence the underwriting process.

With DirectID, they can now connect to an applicant’s bank account to verify identity and review live bank statement transactions in just a few seconds. Real-time, certified bank statements, coupled with bank-verified identities, gives the underwriters better insight into which applicants are creditworthy in a fraction of the time.

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DirectID Connect

Transportation Services

A global transport services company required a standardised process for verifying the identity of drivers in multiple countries. They embedded DirectID Connect into their onboarding journey in several of the European countries they operate in. Now, using the Bank Account Verification solution, the company can instantly verify the identity of both existing drivers and any new drivers that the company onboards.

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DirectID Bank Account Verification

Debt Recovery Services

A solutions provider to UK local authorities partnered with DirectID to streamline the collections process for local councils. The current process, built upon paper documentation and phone calls, was neither efficient nor pleasant for any party involved.

By partnering with DirectID, local authorities were able to remove the friction within this process and found that using bank data was infinitely more efficient in assessing a debtor's affordability. As the DirectID Collections & Recoveries solution aligns with the SFS categories, local authorities can continue to assess repayment potential based on the universal income and expenditure statement.

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DirectID Collections & Recoveries

Optimised Data & Insights Product Suite

Our solutions are built to enhance underwriting irrefutably. Our API is layered under a categorisation engine trained in accuracy in credit risk, allowing us to provide lenders with better insights than anyone else.

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