Data API                            

Over 13,000 global bank connections through a single unified API integration.

Fully documented, optimised, secure API

A single unified and optimised data API no matter what bank your customer is providing data from. One integration allows you to access up to 12 months transactional data whether you need access to 10 connections or 10,000 connections.

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Data Clusters & Options

With hundreds of thousands of consumers going through the Connect widget each month, we know how to increase your conversion and improve your customer's experience along the way. With features to cover all business use cases we can help transform your processes.

Direct Bank Connections

We are constantly integrating directly with banks across the globe to provide you high quality, low latency data request. From direct Open Banking connections in the UK to direct integrations with FDX banks in the US and beyond.


We are a super-aggregator of bank data connections across the globe, integrating with other regional providers to give you global coverage under one service. We are constantly working to expand our integrations for our customers.

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Our API provides our customers all the data connections they can require via a single secure integration. Get all of the technical details and commercial insights of DirectID Data API in our detailed 8 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Integration Advice &
Data Value Services

Our integration advice and data value services allow you to work with our bank data specialist to understand your data's value and speed up your integration.
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Over 13,000
Bank Connections

We are a super-aggregator of bank data connections, from direct connections to global data networks, providing our customers with an ever expanding bank network.

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Lightning Fast
Data Retrieval

With direct connections to bank accounts across the globe, our products provide incredibly quick data retrieval giving you actionable data in seconds.

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Our automated categorisation gives you insights into bank transactions seconds, so you can focus on using the data to make decisions, not a big IT project.

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Never Compromise on Data Quality

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