Bank Account Validation.

Identify fraudsters and reduce risk by quickly and easily validating bank accounts.

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Enabling any business to make confident payment decisions.

1. Small lenders.

Reduce fraud and written off loans by ensuring customers applying for the loan own the payment account receiving the loan.

2. Large lenders.

Mitigate large scale costs of failed or incorrect payments to accounts, whilst also reducing bank transfer fraud for your loan processes.

3. Employers.

Whether employing contractors, or full time workers, make sure who you employee is the person receiving pay cheques.

4. Mortgage brokers

Don’t make costly mistakes with large mortgage funds, verify the account against the mortgage applicant and reduce incorrect payments and fraudulent activity.

5. Car financing.

Reduce fraudulent activity in your financing processes by ensuring customers are not paying with funds from an account that is not theirs.

6. Gaming industry.

Ensure customers winnings are being deposited to the correct accounts, and that consumer are using their own funds to game.

Validate beyond account access.

Don’t just rely on account access as your validation. Using multiple data aggregators to validate consumer information against bank data, we can ensure the person you are talking to is the person receiving the payments.

Make payments with confidence.

Using our Account Validation you can make confident and validated payment decisions. Using our Connect widget you can quickly request a consumer connect their account, then our validation service will make sure the person you are paying is the same person you have details for. And if isn’t validated we’ll tell you why!


Reduce bank transfer fraud.

With bank transfer fraud being so prevalent for lenders today, bank account validation is key. Remove the risk of a fraudster applying under another persons name and having the funds deposited to their own account. Validate that applicant and account details are the same before payment.

Mitigate costs of failed or incorrect payments.

The cost of failed and incorrect payments costs hundreds of thousands per year. Make sure the accounts you are depositing large sums, or frequent small sums of money to are correct before sending. Your collections and operations teams will benefit from time savings and huge cost savings.

How DirectID Bank Account Validation works for lenders.

1) Applicant gives their consent to use of bank data via Connect widget

The applicant gives consent to use of data by accepting the terms through the consent stage of the DirectID Connect bank widget. This is then stored for the business through DirectID’s consent service.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via Connect widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the DirectID bank widget by: selecting their bank provider, logging into their bank, and then authorising their bank to share their data directly.

3) Lender sends details provided in the application to the validation service

The lender then calls DirecID’s validation API and simply sends basic applicant provided details: Account Holder Name, Account Number and Sort Code. 

4) Account Validation service matches bank data with applicant data

The bank data and applicant information is then passed through our platforms which then returns a TRUE/FALSE statement indicating whether the bank account was validated.

5) Business receives true or false statement

The lender then receives this statement and, if TRUE, can then be confident of any payments to be made – mitigating the risk of fraud or failed payments.

Want to see Bank Account Validation live in action?

We’d love to show you our Bank Account Validation product and talk you through how your business could benefit from it today. If you’re interested then Book A Demo today and our team will be in touch ASAP.

Our service helps you make better decisions about your payments.

Make sure your payments are going to the right place with our services.

Validates personal data against bank data.

Validate consumer provided data matches the person receiving your payments.

Plug & play widget.

Easily setup bank account validation by adding our Connect widget to existing application processes. Read more

Uses direct bank data.

We use data direct from bank accounts, so there is no middle man to potentially alter results.

Use via Data.

Consume our DirectID Data API to use customer data in instant decisioning engines and more. Read more

Detailed errors for failed data validations.

If a validation returns false we will tell you why so you can take further action.

Seconds not hours.

Don’t spend hours of your own time manually validating bank accounts, our engine can process this data in seconds.

See how you can make the most out of Bank Account Validation by combining it with our incredible APIs and big data analytics.

DirectID Insights.

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DirectID Data.

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