Optimised Data & Insights Product Suite

Connect to your customer's data with zero integration and instant insights.

Zero Integration

We provide end-to-end data solutions that allow you to start accessing, understanding, and using data to make real decisions in a matter of days, with no IT resources.

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Instant Insights

With lighting fast data retrieval and automated categorisation, our solutions instantly provide your assessors 10+ reports of insights into any customer.

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Introduction to the DirectID Product Suite

Our end-to-end suite connects to consumers, effortlessly gathers data, automatically categorises transactions and much more. Learn about the entire DirectID Product Suite in this 13 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Embed our data consent and access widget to transform your customer onboarding and increase conversion rates.

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Data API

A single API integration to access over 13,000 open banking and bank data connections via dozens of countries.

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Our advanced visual dashboard allows you to view and use financial data for real-time decisions in seconds.

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Perform bank account validation checks to confirm identity, and then go beyond basic checks to truly understand customers through our financial insights.


Automated transaction categorisation, instant insights and income verification for any customer with a bank account, all allows for more informed affordability assessments.


Create more informed collections programmes and better customer experiences with direct data insights into a consumer's financial status.


Verify income for any customer with a bank account whilst removing fraud and reliance on thin or outdated credit files.

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Bank Account Verification

Quickly and simply verify bank account details of customers to identify fraudsters and reduce risk.

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Automated categorisation of RAW transactional data from thousands of banks providing insights in seconds.

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& Recoveries

Enhancing the debt recovery process through a combination of rich transactional data with the widely recognised SFS categories.

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Credit Risk

Don't rely on aged credit data and self-asserted income. Our real-time data insights supplement credit bureau reports to enable smarter credit risk underwriting.


Remove onboarding friction caused by paper documents. Get seamless onboarding, verify asserted income and gather bank transactions with instant analysis in seconds.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce time spent on the phones and assessing documents. Connect directly to customer bank data and get automatically categorised transactions in seconds.

How we innovate

Supplement your
CRA Implementation

Don't lose business through exceptions processes or marginal applications. Supplement your standard CRA assessments with instant insights and real-time data.

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