Increase conversion rates and transform your application process.

Take your application process from days to minutes.

1. Implement in days.

Whether you use our zero-integration hosted solution, or want to embed our widget into you existing process, you can setup DirectID Connect in days.

2. Increase customer conversion.

Remove paper statements and digital PDFs over emails from the equation. Use connect to let customers provide financial data in a few clicks.

3. Modernise customer experience.

Create a modern digital experience for your business with our widget giving you the edge over competitors no matter your business goals.

4. Reduce application fraud.

Don’t risk fraud from paper or PDF applications. Let customers consent to direct bank data being provided so you can make confident decisions.

5. Make applying simple.

With our widgets global leading UX design you’ll provide the best  and easiest consumer experience to increase your conversion.

6. Offer mobile friendly process.

Whether users are using your app, website, or mobile website, our widget will make your process seamless as it scales to optimise by screen size.

Designed to give your customers the best experience.

Zero-integration solutions.

Technical capacity is no longer a barrier to using bank data. With DirectID fully hosted solutions you can start assessing live customer date in less than a week!

Integrate mobile optimised widget.

Our widget is simple to integrate and ensures you provide the best experience to customers no matter what platform they are viewing your process from.

Let customers provide direct read-only bank data access.

Don’t make applications or data access harder than it needs to be. With DirectID Connect a few clicks is all it takes for consumers to provide consent to read-only access of their financial data. Saving time for the consumer, increasing conversions, and reducing your risk with direct read-only bank data access.

How the DirectID Platform works.

Example of DirectID Platform used for loan applications.

1) Applicant gives their consent via Connect Widget

The applicant gives consent by accepting the terms through the consent stage of the DirectID bank widget. This is then stored for the business through DirectID’s consent service.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via Connect Widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the DirectID bank widget by: selecting their bank provider; logging into their bank; and then authorising their bank to share their data.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the DirectID bank widget by: selecting their bank provider; and providing authorisation to their bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through Data or Insights

The bank data is passed through our categorisation and classification service into a database. The Insights dashboard pulls from this database, allowing businesses to access the bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through dashboard

The DirectID Dashboard pulls from this read-only data from the bank, allowing businesses to access and review the consumers bank data.

4) Business assesses the applicant

The business can then utilise the consumer financial data and apply their own decisioning models to assess the applicant such as KYC/AML, Income Verification and Affordability.

5) Business makes a decision

Based on the assessment, the business can then accept or reject the applicant. The business can then notify the applicant on the outcome.

Want to see DirectID Connect live in action?

We’d love to show you our DirectID Connect product live and talk you through how your business could benefit from it today. If you’re interested then Book A Demo today and our team will be in touch ASAP.

The best tools for your customer application process.

Connect to your customers financial data seamlessly to increase conversion, reduce fraud, provide a leading market edge and more.

Plug and play widget.

Embed-able widget that can be added to your existing app or website processes.

Data consent management.

Let us handle the management of data consent from your customers to you.

Customise available banks.

Customise which banks you require your customers to see on load and have access to in search.

Zero-int hosted page.

Fully hosted page that can be setup in under a week and handle all of your application needs.

Single time consent or ongoing consent.

Choose to use request consent for one-time data view or ongoing refreshed financial data.

Match company branding.

Ensure your hosted solution provides a consistent experience by matching your company branding.

Leading UX design.

Provide and amazing experience to your customers and increase conversion.

Mobile optimised.

Make your process a great experience on any device, any where in the world with our hosted and widget services.

Get the best tools to on-board your customers securely and efficiently.

See how you can make the most out of DirectID Connect through incredible APIs and big data analytics.

DirectID Insights.

Our insights. Your Decisions. We enable businesses to start using bank data to improve assessments now. With our zero-integration solutions you can be using real-time bank data in less than a week, taking assessment times from days to minutes.

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DirectID Data.

A single API to access all of your customers provided financial data. With just one integration you can access 10 banks or 1000 banks, & securely access direct read-only consumer financial data, for a one-time snapshot or ongoing data access.

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