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A global, trusted partner to the world’s leading banks, DirectID utilises bank data to enhance the credit risk lifecycle


The current process of affordability assessments is long, inaccurate, and allows for a high chance of human error.

With real-time bank data you can receive applications automatically analysed with in-depth insights.​

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Verifying consumer identity and where payments should be made to reduce fraudsters and traffickers.​

Direct bank data gives you insight into locality of spending and can ensure applicants and accounts match​.

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Data-Driven Risk Reduction

Connect to your customer's data with zero integration and instant insights.

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Collection of paper bank statements and validating customer asserted data adds days to a customer journey.​

Using bank data you can verify asserted income and gather bank transactions with instant analysis in seconds.​

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Identifying consumer affordability, and having long calls with consumers in debt, can cause a range of challenges.​

Connecting quickly and directly to bank data reduces mis-representation of affordability and shortens calls.

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“DirectID allows us to close loans in as little as 48 hours so we can spend more time on the personal relationship side with clients.”

Faisel Rahmen
CEO, Fair Finance

A Case Study In Affordability

In this article, we examine the downfall of a company once valued at $1 billion, ask what role financial authorities played in their introduction of affordability regulations, and consider the future of the lending market.

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Credit Risk

Credit Risk management is a difficult process through traditional analysis of paper bank statements.​

Bank data provided through an API can be instantly categorised with key risks highlighted in seconds.​

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Operational Efficiency

Time spent by ops teams on the phone, assessors on analysing documents, & CROs investigating fraud.​

Connect directly to customer bank data and analyse their transactions in seconds whilst reducing fraud.​

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Connect to your customer's data with zero integration and instant insights.

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