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Ensure that any bank account information provided to you is correct.

Our Bank Account Verification platform has been developed to counter fraud ensuring that the account information provided matches the person providing them.

How it Works

1. DirectID’s Bank Account Verification API calls the bank to ensure that the details are correct.

2. DirectID uses bank data to ensure that the details provided are a match.

Instant matching returned, where unsuccessfully matched you will be told why.

Key Benefits & Features

Call our  Bank Account Verification Engine to quickly and effectively ascertain that the information provided by your customer matches the bank account provided, and if not, why not.

Customer asserted data vs bank check data

Detailed Verification responses

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Security with your Money

DirectID Bank Account Verification ensures that when you send money, it goes to the person you want it to. The solution removes the issue of scammers providing details of accounts that do not belong to them.

Lightning Fast Data Retrieval

Our Bank Account Verification Platform verifies accounts in seconds. Meaning there's no waiting to find out if you have the correct details or not. An almost instantaneous decision allowing you to streamline your business process.

Verify Multiple People at Once

Our Platform gives you the ability to verify anywhere accounts individually or in bulk. DirectID's industry leading platform reduces your workload and frees up internal resource for you to work on important customer accounts.

"The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect The Benefits of DirectID Connect "

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James Varga, CEO, DirectID

Powerful use cases

Explore our powerful use cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

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Don’t just rely on account access as your validation. Using multiple data aggregators to validate consumer information against bank data, we can ensure the person you are talking to is the person receiving the payments.