View, understand, and use financial data to make real-time decisions in seconds.

Make evidence-based decisions, fast

Our advanced visual dashboard allows our customers to start viewing and understanding their customers financial behaviours, provided through lightning fast bank data connections, their assessors can process more applications whilst making more informed decisions.

Dashboard Reports

With over 10+ reports, a live transaction explorer and consumer risk alerts, our dashboard allows assessors to quickly analyse applicants or spend as much time as required looking into individual financial profiles of applicants - all without an IT project.

Zero Integration

We provide end-to-end data solutions that allow you to start accessing, understanding, and using data to make real decisions in a matter of days, with no IT resources.

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Instant Insights

With lighting fast data retrieval and automated categorisation, our solutions instantly provide your assessors 10+ reports of insights into any customer.

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Download Our Insights Product Sheet

Our advanced visual dashboard has many applications and a sophisticated and secure backend. Get all of the technical details and commercial applications of DirectID Insights in our detailed 8 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Bespoke Reporting

Our bespoke reporting solutions ensure you can easily incorporate our real-time data into your existing processes, no matter your requirements or risk appetite.

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Over 13,000
Bank Connections

We are a super-aggregator of bank data connections, from direct connections to global data networks, providing our customers with an ever expanding bank network.

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Lightning Fast
Data Retrieval

With direct connections to bank accounts across the globe, our products provide incredibly quick data retrieval giving you actionable data in seconds.

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Our automated categorisation gives you insights into bank transactions seconds, so you can focus on using the data to make decisions, not a big IT project.

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Never Compromise on Customer Insight

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