View and understand your customer’s financial behaviours

DirectID offers the most comprehensive, truest understanding of your customer’s financial health. With bespoke reporting and 10+ reports available across our dashboard, DirectID Insights allows you all the information required to make real-time financial decisions on your customers.

How it works           

  1. An applicant goes through the consent process, agreeing to the terms on the DirectID widget
  2. The applicant selects their bank and then logs into their internet banking, authorising their bank to share their data 
  3. The applicant’s data is passed through our Classification & Categorisation Engine, to give immediate visual insights
  4. The applicant’s information is visually displayed allowing for instant decision making to be deployed
  5. The applicant can then be informed of the outcome of the application, and if positive, funds can be deposited into the applicant’s bank account.

Operational Benefits

Key Features

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Our advanced visual dashboard has many applications and a sophisticated and secure backend. Get all of the technical details and commercial applications of DirectID Insights in our detailed 8 page document, ready to print or share with your team.

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Partnering with DirectID

A top 5 lender in online lending services uses Open Banking data to provide a frictionless application and fast funding process. During the application phase, applicants are prompted to securely share their transaction data through the DirectID consent widget. A detailed view of the individual’s financial profile is then visible to underwriters in as little as 30 seconds, providing verification of account ownership, income and expenditure, and a magnitude of other affordability indicators.

Using Open Banking data to gather this information eliminated fraudulent applications, removed the guesswork associated with manual underwriting, and reduced the application to acceptance turnaround time, all without impacting the individuals credit score.   

Associated Products:

- DirectID Connect
- DirectID Data API
- DirectID Insights

A leading mobility and accident services provider operates with one goal: to get their customers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

When a customer struggles to prove that they do not have the funds to pay for a replacement vehicle, they are prompted to connect their account through DirectID. By accessing DirectID Insights, the company can then view the relevant information that portrays a customer's affordability, utilising the advanced visual dashboard to display E.O.D balance, income vs. outgoings, and the stability of their salary payments.

Associated Products:

- DirectID Insights
- DirectID Income Verification

Bespoke Reporting

Our bespoke reporting solutions ensure you can easily incorporate our real-time data into your existing processes, no matter your requirements or risk appetite.

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